Jackdaws' Field Nursery

Jackdaws' Field Nursery


Suppliers of pot grown liners and cuttings to the wholsale trade.



Q. What is the white deposit on the leaves of your plants?

It is primarily Thiram (Thianosan) which is a broad-spectrum fungicide that has the very useful side-effect of killing (or preventing) moss, liverwort and general green gunge. Because we water all our crops from underneath the deposits do not get washed off and although in the growing season the plants tend to shed the deposits as the leaves grow this does not happen in the winter or with the oldest leaves. If you are using overhead irrigation the deposits will quickly disappear.

Q. How do i download files from this website?

First go to the Downloads Page then you can view the files by clicking on them, or if you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer and wish to save it to your computer (recommended), right mouse click on the list you want and select "Save target as" then select where you want it to go and click "Save" and it will download to your computer.

Q. What is Adobe reader or how to open .pdf files:

many files are saved in the format ".pdf". If you cannot open these you will need to install the free application Adobe Reader, it's completely safe and used by millions of people every day to get it click here.

Q. Why do i not get through on the phone to you when i use 1471 (or return your call on a mobile)

Our phone system dials out on our fax number (01403 891113) in order to reduce the chances of the phone number (two lines on 01403 891473) being engaged. It hasn’t been a big problem so far this year but it does make a difference when things are busy. We have just modified the phone layout as well, so that we are not so dependent on our cordless extension. This can only handle one call at a time, so a second call can go unanswered, but this shouldn’t now happen except in very rare circumstances.

Q. When is the best time to order for next year?

As soon as you can!

Q. Why does my backorder contain items that have been delivered?

Oopps this happens when we send you the 'Order confirmation' instead of the 'Back Order Confirmation'. Which it is will be written at the top of each page. Please contact us and we will get the correct copy of to you strait away.