Jackdaws' Field Nursery

While I am happy to be still booking orders for immediate delivery I realise that most of you will now have stopped potting and orders for next year are equally welcome.

We have all but finished potting so the avlist will only be declining from now on, and if all goes well, we will be more or less sold out by the end of June next year.

Propagating has also stopped and we are starting to ship that we have rooted to Lowaters for potting through the autumn and spring, along with unrooted material and stock plants, so if you ask for items that are not now on the list, or have sold out, I may refer you to them (or I will contact them on your behalf if you give me express permission). Their proposed list includes at least 90% of what we propagate but I can't answer for them about what plugs they may buy in from the suppliers we have used and from others.


To correct a common misapprehension we are not selling the business to Lowaters, just plants and some equipment. Our customer list remains with us (and I am not sure how legal it would be to sell it anyway) and goodwill is not recognised as saleable in this trade.  Therefore it is up to you to contact them to make sure you know what they are doing. Their sales are handled by Adam Couzens sales@lowaters.co.uk 


I would have hoped by now that between us we would have established a system for order confirmation where an order will be supplied by both of us, but it is surprisingly difficult. However with production ended I will have more time.       

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